Download the telegram

Install the telegram app and create an account. Download the telegram


Search for BotFather in Telegram or go to BotFather in Telegram and create a unique bot name . For example, myshop_bot

Create a new robot and copy the code

Prepare the bone first

Copy the token provided by the telegram.

Sign in to chat

Contact via this link Chattyshop: Contact - you

Enter the bot token in Chattyshop

When logged in, the token-bot screen appears.

Warning! If you change the bot data, you must select the token again.

Connection from the bank account

Chattyshop uses the Stripe API to handle requests. You need to calculate the bar for this. Create a Stripe account and discover an excellent payment platform. If you have activated your Stripe account, you can copy it to the checkout settings. Scroll down the list or click "Buy" on the billing screen until your account appears in the line. Click the Link Stripe account.

Copy the sender address after linking the Stripe account to the Chattyshops configuration screen.

After creating a Stripe account on the Chattyshop configuration screen.

Select relay to return the tape.

In a Stripe account, you can automatically ask Stripe to send your products to the cashier to calculate the costs.

Change the VAT settings and return address

You can enter the return address for your business in the Ribbon account.

Google API key to calculate shipping costs

Chattyshop uses the Google Places API to automatically calculate shipping costs. To do this, we need a valid Google Places API code from the Google Places API. Create it and type it into Google Settings on the settings screen.

Please enter a valid analysis key

Create a tracking ID for your Google Analytics account and enter it in Google Settings.

Please enter a valid place ID

You need a valid Google Place ID to view your position as a company in a chat shop. Create it or enter it in the configuration window. Find location ID

information archive

Upload an image and enter a valid URL and privacy policy.

Enter shipping costs

Enter shipping costs

Download the CSV file and install the downloader

Create a Google Spreadsheat account or enter a valid CSV address. sample

Your products are imported in the background. You will receive an email as soon as you find it

We hope you will see the products on your desktop.

Activate your payment method. Make sure the status bar is already enabled

bond payments.

Theme and models

Customize three colors of the house to your needs. Do not use the same colors.

Test your online store

Click the balloon at the top of your head to go to an online store.

Check your telegram

Click the telegram logo to test the chat robot

Try it

Create a test command

Go to the discussion forum and look at the commands.

Execute the command

Check the ribbon card

Talk to the customer

Supports proxy configuration

Agents can now answer questions


Your business is now available. Share the link to your online store with everyone. If you have a domain address, contact Chattyshop support. We can help you redirect to our site.